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Musical Tuition

Professional, personal, affordable music services, available to all in
Hampshire and West Sussex.

Musical Workshops

Workshops are a great way to introduce new ideas to pupils of all ages.

We aim to provide musical tuition to any age group. We work hard to source and design suitable materials for our students and are able to provide excellent tuition at all levels of musical ability.

We understand that individual groups will require differing sessions tailor-made to their requirements. It is our aim to support every client and with this in mind we strive to create personalised sessions where required.

Our workshops for schools and colleges offer: Steelpan Drums, Choral/Singing, Musical Theatre Experience, Musical Arts and Crafts, Music Theory, World Music, Piano/Keyboards, Guitar.

Workshops for school aged children include: History of Rock and Roll, Great Artists of Jazz and Blues, World Music, Arts and Crafts, Musical Theatre Experience, Singing in a Group, Choral, Dance and Guitar

music workshops
music workshops
music workshops
music workshops
music workshops

Music Teachers, Private Instrument Tuition – One to One Tuition

One to one instrument and singing tuition provided by professional tutors.